Humanitarian aid for Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, the life of every Ukrainian changed forever. At this moment, thousands of people are hiding from the Russian army’s shelling, fearing to go outside, starving, and struggling to find the medications they need. Cities in the war zone have been cut off from regular supply chains.

One day, the war will end, and Ukraine will be rebuilt. But to survive this nightmare, people need humanitarian aid — food, water, medicine, clothing, and hygiene items.

The Russian Anti-War Committee has partnered with major European suppliers for wholesale deliveries of food, medicine, and other goods to Ukraine.

We purchase humanitarian aid and organize its delivery to Lviv, where it is picked up by our trusted partners from local NGOs.

They distribute it to agreed locations in Ukraine that are in the greatest need of humanitarian aid.

We track every step and publish delivery reports on the Anti-War Committee’s website.

How to help?

You can donate any amount and choose which items we spend your money on

Donate to help Ukraine

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The Institute of Modern Russia is a 501(c)(3) public charity. Contributions are tax deductible.

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How do we keep track of where humanitarian aid is shipped?

We created a bot that drivers and local activists use to report the movement of goods.

First, humanitarian aid arrives at the warehouses in Lviv.

Drivers use the bot to share their location, and activists scan the QR codes of each pallet of goods when receiving them.

All pallets have a unique identification number tied to the type of the goods — so we can track not only the location of the overall cargo but also of each pallet.

Foreign governments, international organizations, and volunteers are already helping Ukraine. Why should we do the logistics ourselves instead of donating money to an existing foundation?

When we analyzed what kind of aid Ukraine needed, we talked to the Ukrainian authorities and found out that there were logistical problems with the delivery of aid. Unsorted goods get stuck at the border; they take a long time to get processed, after which they are transported to the central warehouse, where they spend a long time again due to bureaucracy. This is a problem faced by all the international organizations that are trying to help. We want to ensure that those who are suffering actually get our help. That is why we get in touch with people on the ground, find out their specific needs, purchase supplies, and make sure they reach their destination.

Also, unlike volunteers and many foundations, we are able to buy medical equipment and prescription drugs that are not sold over the counter. We deliver them directly to the medical facilities which need them most.

The Humanitarian Aid Group

Dovilė Gelžiniene

Executive Director/Europe

Pavel Khodorkovsky

Executive Director/USA

Board members:

Dainius Žalimas

Boris Zimin

Yulia Latynina

Maria Ordzhonikidze

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