European and World Leaders called to Recognise Russian Presidential Election Illegitimate

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

We declare the rule of Russia’s current president, Vladimir Putin, to be illegitimate after the country’s 2024 “elections.” The key reasons are outlined in Resolution No. 2519 of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, dated October 13, 2023, as well as in a special report within this resolution, of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights rapporteur, Mr. Pieter Omtzigt (Netherlands), No. 15827, dated September 22, 2023.

We would like to draw your attention to the following facts, in support of this declaration of illegitimacy:

· The complete usurpation of power and pressure on any political opponents of the current regime, including repression and physical elimination of these opponents;

· The conducting elections in the temporarily occupied territories of independent Ukraine, and the use of methods of coercion to garner votes in illegal electoral events;

· The illegal, unconstitutional amendment of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, to maintain the possibility of Vladimir Putin staying in power. Recall that according to part 3 of Article 81 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation (before the 2020 amendments), the same person could not hold the position of President of the Russian Federation for more than two subsequent terms. Thus, Putin had no right to become President of Russia in 2012, nor in subsequent years;

· The war in Ukraine and the war crimes committed there, for which Vladimir Putin is on the international wanted list by a warrant issued by the International Criminal Court.

Taking the step of declaring Putin’s presidency illegitimate will exert strong pressure on his regime to end the war in Ukraine. It will also allow the regime to be held accountable under international law for the war crimes it has committed. We urge you to back this urgent declaration.

  1. Austrevicius Petra, MEP
  2. Badertscher Christine, Member of National Council for the Greens, Switzerland
  3. Baroness Brinton, Vice President of Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, GB
  4. Bechieau François, Deputy mayor of the 19th district of Paris, Adviser to the Greater Paris Metropolis
  5. Beck Marieluise, Former member of the Bundestag, Green Party
  6. Betancourt Pulecio Ingrid, Colombian politician, former senator and anti-corruption activist
  7. Bezhanishvili Zurab, President, International Community for Georgia Development and the Progress
  8. Boni Igor, president of the Italian Radicals, Italy
  9. Brand Michael, Member of Bundestag from CDU, Germany
  10. Bulai Iulian, MP Romania, President of the ALDE Group at PACE
  11. Camarra Monique, Università degli Studi di Siena, Italy
  12. Chalmers David, Chair of Liberal Democrat Federal International Relations Committee, GB
  13. Dr. Hofreiter Anton, Chairman of the committee on European affairs of the federal parliament of Germany
  14. Dudko Olena, on behalf of European Youth of Ukraine
  15. Dupuis Olivier, former member of the European Parliament, Belgium/Italy
  16. Erndl Thomas, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Bundestag
  17. European Network for Solidarity with Ukraine, Catalonia
  18. Exner Martin, Deputy of Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of the Czech Republic
  19. Feifer Gregory, Executive Director, Institute of Current World Affairs, Washington DC
  20. Féraud Rémi, conseiller de Paris, Groupe Paris en commun
  21. Fotyga Anna, Member of the European Parliament, former Foreign Minister of Poland
  22. Franks Ian, Vice Chair of LibDems in Europe, GB
  23. Fücks Ralf, Director, Center for Liberal Modernity, Berlin 
  24. Fukuyama Francis, American political scientist and Senior Fellow at Stanford
  25. Gahler Michael, MEP
  26. Garrigos Geneviève, human rights defender, former President of Amnesty International France
  27. Glucksman Raphael, MEP
  28. Golubeva Marija, former Minister of Interior of Latvia
  29. Gregoire Emmanuel, Paris deputy mayor, France
  30. Guetta Bernard, MEP
  31. Havlicek Pavel, Research Fellow at Association for International Affairs and Coordinator of the Czech Friends of Free Russia
  32. Heymans Pavlína, Head of Office EPP Women, Brussels
  33. Hilšer Marek – Senator of the Parliament of the Czech Republic
  34. Hyrrylainen Tret Adrian, elected member of LibDem Federal International Relations Committee, GB
  35. Imboden Natalie, Green Party of Switzerland
  36. Jamet Fournier Boris, Niakate Aminata, Raifaud Sylvain, Ziady Karim – conseillers de Paris
  37. Jardine Christine, Member of British Parliament
  38. Kalikh Andrey, researcher at international expert initiative iSANS
  39. Kallas Siim, MP, former Prime Minister of Estonia, former Vice President of the EU Commission.
  40. Kavtaradze Irakli – Former Member of Parliament of Georgia
  41. Kieserwetter Roderich, Member of Bundestag from CDU, Germany
  42. Kokalari Arba, MEP
  43. Kovatchev Andrey, MEP, Head of Bulgarian delegation of the EPP Group in the European Parliament
  44. Kravchuk Yevheniya, MP Ukraine, Chair of the Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media, PACE
  45. Kross Eerik-Niiles, MP Estonia, former head of intelligence
  46. Krystyna Zachwatowicz, Polish art historian and theater and film set designer, professor of fine arts, Andrzej Wajda’s spouse
  47. Kubilius Andrius, Member of the European Parliament, Standing Rapporteur on Russia
  48. Laar Mart, former Prime Minister of Estonia
  49. Lega David, MEP, Sweden
  50. Les Guerrières de la Paix, women’s movement for peace, justice and equality, France
  51. Levi Isaac, Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air, London
  52. Maydell Eva, MEP
  53. Mažylis Liudas, MEP, Lithuania
  54. McFaul Michael, American academic and diplomat, former United States Ambassador to Russia
  55. Melchior Karen, MEP
  56. Mendras Marie, researcher and professor, Sciences Po, France
  57. Merezhko Oleksandr, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Ukranian Rada
  58. Michalcová Andrea – Director, Centre for Informed Society
  59. Michnik Adam, Polish historian, essayist, former dissident, public intellectual
  60. Mihkelson Marko, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Estonian Parliament
  61. Mitov Daniel, Member of the Parliament, Former Foreign minister of Bulgaria
  62. Molina Fabian, Member of National Council, Switzerland
  63. Nordmann Roger, President of the Social Democratic group, Member of National Council, Switzerland
  64. Okamura Hayato, Member of the Chamber of Deputies of Czech Republic
  65. Olekas Juozas, MEP, former minister of defense of Lithuania
  66. Paet Urmas, MEP, former Foreign Minister of Estonia
  67. Pagazaurtundúa Maite, MEP
  68. Pavilionis Žygimantas, Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee, Seimas (Parliament) of the Republic of Lithuania
  69. Petříček Tomáš, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic
  70. Pouzyreff Natalia, Deputy of the French National Assembly, member of the Defense Committee, president of the French-Russian group
  71. Progressive Analytical Centre, Prague, Czech Republic
  72. Quartapelle Lia, member of the Chamber of Deputies (Democratic Party), Italy
  73. Quistorp Eva, former MEP, founding member of the German Green Party
  74. Rautu Andrei, Human Rights Representative, OCIDO/HRICO Bucharest, Romania
  75. Reinsalu Urmas, MP Estonia, former Minister of Foreign Affairs
  76. Romero-Michel Jean-Luc, Deputy Mayor of Paris
  77. Shekhovtsov Anton, Chair of the Centre for Democratic Integrity, Austria
  78. Stollmeyer Alice, Founder & Executive Director, Defend Democracy, The Hague, Netherlands
  79. Stowarzyszenie Memoriał Polska, Memorial Association, Poland
  80. Terras Riho, MEP, former Chief of Defense, Estonia
  81. Tofilat Sergiu, head of NGO Community Watch-Dog, member of the Chisinau city council, Moldova
  82. Van de Streek Hillie J. , Secretary General EPP WOMEN
  83. Viola Simona, co-founder and board member of the +Europa party, Italy
  84. Vogel Nathalie, Research Fellow at the Center for Intermarium Studies, the Institute of World Politics, Washington DC
  85. Von Lerchenfeld Walburga, vice president Germany, European Union of Women
  86. Von Wiese Irina, Chair of Liberal International British Group, GB
  87. Wermuth Cédric, Member of National Council, Switzerland
  88. Widmer Céline, Member of National Council, Switzerland
  89. Wyler Rebekka, co-Secretary General of the Swiss Social Democratic Party
  90. Zingeris Imanuelis, MP Lithuania, Head of Lithuanian Delegation to PACE
  91. +Europa, liberal and pro-European political party, Italy